How to start a Distance Adoption

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How to start a Child Sponsorship

To start a Distance Adoption, it is enough to send the completed and signed commitment form at our office, either by fax or electronically to our email address. 

The adherent will subsequently receive a confirmation letter indicating the contents of the Distance Adoption program and a file presenting the matched child. The first payment, to be made at the reception of the documentation and within one month from receiving it, will put into effect the start of Distance Adoption.
On the membership card, you can indicate a preference regarding the payment:


Monthly Fee payment 

  • 25 €


Quarterly Fee payment  

  • 75 €


Biannual Fee payment

  • 150 €


Annual fee payment

  • 300 €

You can also choose whether to send the SEPA direct debit form to GTV, thus giving the GTV bank a mandate to accredit the amount at the agreed frequency.

The payment of the fee can be done through a deposit to the IBAN bank account: IT71C0830434290000040307219.

 Discover the Distance Adoption proposed by GTV


 For further information about Distance Adoption, you can consult the page “questions and answers on Distance Adoption” or you can write to, or even call the number 0461/917395
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