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About Us

Trentino Volunteer Group is a non – governmental organization which is concerned with international cooperation and global citizenship education.



In Southeast Asia to build a bridge between East and West towards a new tomorrow.



GTV is an NGO that operates in the field of international cooperation and global citizenship education.

Its mission is to establish a connection between the community of Trentino and communities of the Southeast Asia in order to develop skills and exchange experience, paying particular attention to the rights of the most vulnerable, such as children, woman and minorities.

GTV understands the self – development of communities as an antidote to explotation.



RELATIONSHIP with and between people at the core of the projects.

RESPONSIBILITY for resources and donors, for the context where we work and Respect for the time we live.

Internal DEMOCRACY that adds value to the group.




Formally established in Trento in 1999, GTV was born to pursue and integrate initiatives in support of neonatal healthcare in Vietnam, activated the previous year by the “Friends Of Trentino Neonatology” (FTN).

GTV was born to accompany FTN and to ensure an integrated approach, that would support the population even in areas other than healthcare.

After a decade of enthusiasm and projects, GTV has extended its measures in different areas related to the development of communities and has expanded its interventions also in Bangladesh and East Timor.

Thanks to its activity, GTV gained the formal recognition of the italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as OSC (Civil Society Organization), according to Law 11.08.2014 n.125, and it is therefore a Non-Profit Organization (Non – Profit organization of social utility).

In 2012, after a hard reflection on their work and methodologies, GTV members adopted the vision, mission and values mentioned above.

Since that year and starting from the value of “RELATIONSHIP” placed at the base of the association’s operate, GTV decided to reinforce the projects related to global citizenship education.

Moreover, after a few attempts to start a new workspace related to sustainable tourism, in 2018 the first responsible trips started: organized trips include a tour all around the country with groups of people leaving from Italy, who are escorted by a GTV operator. These activities allow GTV to spread its projects and promote its values.

To the present date, 21 years have passed since its birth. GTV is currently working in northern Vietnam, in a mountainous terrain geographically similar to Trentino, where, apart from carrying out international cooperation projects, it has a Child Sponsorship Programme to his credit.

In addition, GTV is concentrating on expanding its network of contacts connected to responsible travel, watching also other Southeast Asia countries with interest, with the awareness that this activity contributes to the economic sustainability of the association and allows the realization of projects of international cooperation.






To carry on international cooperation projects, GTV adopted the “community cooperation” approach.

“Community cooperation” for GTV means entering a territory along the same paths that the locale population frequents, making a long stretch side by side to get to know each other and to decide how to address the issues of poverty together, with an integrated approach.

They are projects for education, water, hygiene and health, for food, rural economy and for the environment. These are projects that are tied together to reinforce each other.

They follow one another during time because the change in living conditions requires a long journey. And they always insist on the same territory, in the North of Vietnam, because only our constant presence, makes us recognised and listened partners.

But community cooperation is also something more: it is the meeting between two different populations, which goes further than technical intervention aimed at reaching human relationship of exchange of experiences and mutual enrichment.



For 20 years, GTV has been carrying on a Child Sponsorship Programme: children are supported directly in their villages, in order to allow them to attend school in a high – quality structure.

In GTV, we believe that the education of children is fundamental for evolution, progress, development and emancipation from poverty, and this is the reason why we want to directly support children, their families, schools and villages.



Our interconnected world needs well – prepared citizens to face current and global challenges, to make the world the common home of all humanity: these are the world citizens that GTV wants to contribute to grow, and building a Global Citizenship for GTV means to engage in this, helping people try to understand and try to stay in our current world, global and interconnected.  

Suggesting moments of reflection, intriguing, trying to draw parallels and distinctions, de – constructing stereotypes and building imaginaries on the other and elsewhere, stimulating discussions to recognize the complexity of relationships.

These are the concrete actions of GTV to contribute to make citizens, “Citizens of the World”.



To get to know the Dragon Country, one of the new touristic destinations of Asia, with its ancient culture, lush nature, and its fascinating history, whilst having the possibility to live an authentic and environmentally and friendly experience, GTV provides accompanying services, organizes tours of the Country or even just some areas for a responsible tourism and, once there, sustainable.




For further information, download the brochure or the latest annual report.

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