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cooperazione internazionale

GTV operates through projects of International Development Cooperation with a community cooperation approach.

“Community cooperation” for GTV means entering a territory along the same paths that the local population frequents, making a long stretch side by side to get to know each other and to decide how to address the issues of poverty together, with an integrated approach.

GTV carries out international cooperation projects for education, water, hygiene and health, for nutrition, rural economy and for the environment.       

These are projects that are tied together to reinforce each other. They follow one another during time because the change in living conditions requires a long journey. And they always insist on the same territory, in the North of Vietnam, in the province of Ha Giang (discover the project), because only our constant presence, makes us recognised and listened partners.

This international cooperation project is the result of 20 years of presence in the area. Thanks to the experiences of collaboration with the poorest Vietnamese communities, GTV became convinced that, a long – term accompaniment is the key to achieve a real change. A long – lasting permanence in a specific area with international cooperation projects, helps to improve the knowledge of the territory, to integrate with the development strategies of local communities and government and to supervise and assess the impact of medium and long – term actions. In addition, it is necessary that an intervention develops in different directions, in order to act fully on the deficiencies that underlie poverty: education, food, rural development, water and hygiene. These are all fields in which GTV develops its projects. 

It is only through such integrated approach of international cooperation, a constant presence in the area and the establishment of a trustful relationship and collaboration with community of beneficiaries, that GTV considers that it can contribute to the activation of concrete development processes and to ensure its durability.

This is what GTV means with the words “community cooperation”. Words that, however, gain greater meaning when the Vietnamese community is accompanied by a job at the Trentino community, where GTV has its headquarter. GTV operates in Trentino to spread a global citizenship: this means encouraging reflections on the meaning of the matters dealt with in the international cooperation project (for example the issue of integrated rural development or the access to water), which are often not only linked to distant places, but have an impact or similarities also in “our” areas. All this implies also a critical thinking on the meaning of “local” and “global” in contemporary society, and contributes to make people from Trentino, global citizens


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Ensuring food security and developing integrated family farming models that can generate income.


An aqueduct for families in a remote village in northern Vietnam. You can support the project too!


Masonry kindergartens and training on proper hygiene practices for children and teachers in two remote villages in northern Vietnam.


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