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The SAD + programme is an integration of the Sponsorship Programme, and it begins concurrently or in addition to a SAD  that already started.

In the "plus" version is required families a contribution of additional 60 EUR, in addition to 240 of the Program. The total annual payment will be, therefore, in this case 300 EUR (240 SAD plus 60 Euros for SAD +).

The SAD + program, which was launched thanks to funding from the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) in 2012, aims to improve the nutritional status and reduce the problems of malnutrition of children and families participating in the program Distance Support.
The families are brought together in clubs and are proposed to confront each other and to think about a "Small Project" to implement, individually or in collaboration with each other. The project implemented should be able to improve the conditions in which they live (eg. the purchase of seeds and the introduction of new crops, the introduction of farm animals, etc..). To ensure the success of micro-projects will provide participants with training and support for the practical implementation of activities. Once designed and programmed activities, GTV, thanks to your contribution, offers to the members of these clubs a little credit, so they can set up the activities chosen.
Great importance is given throughout the process decision-making autonomy, the activities implemented will be those that the recipients actually want to achieve in response to their needs.

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