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GTV carries out its mission by operating in 4 different areas :

  • International Cooperation
  • Child Sponsorship Programme
  • Responsible Travels in Vietnam 
  • Citizens of the World 

The four areas have different characteristics and methodologies, different partners and different goals, but they are strongly linked and interconnected. They feed themselves in a continuous process that allows, thanks to the small size of the organization, to constantly monitor and verify the indicators and to redesign from the needs that emerge in each individual area.

International Cooperation

GTV carries out international cooperation projects for the education, water, hygiene and health, nutrition and rural economy. 

Child Sponsorship Programme

For 20 years, GTV has been carrying on a Child Sponsorship project in Vietnam. Discover our Child Sponsprship projects.

Citizens of the World

GTV works with Global Citizenship Education projects, helping to create citizens of the world. Discover our projects.

Responsible Travels to Vietnam 

GTV ptomotes responsible travels in Vietnam as a development form. Discover our responsible travel packages to Vietnam

Thanks to the experiences of collaboration with the poorest Vietnamese communities, GTV became convinced that, a long – term accompaniment is the key to achieve a real change.
A long – lasting permanence in a specific area with international cooperation projects, helps to improve the knowledge of the territory, to integrate with the development strategies of local communities and government and to supervise and assess the impact of medium and long – term actions.
In addition, it is necessary that an intervention develops in different directions, in order to act fully on the deficiencies that underlie poverty: education, food, rural development, water and hygiene.
These are all fields in which GTV develops its Child Sponsorship and International Cooperation projects.
Even staying in the accommodations of private homes with tourists traveling with tours organized by GTV through Responsible Trips is a way of supporting the income of the community.
It is only through such integrated approach of international cooperation, a constant presence in the area and the establishment of a trustful relationship and collaboration with community of beneficiaries, that GTV considers that it can contribute to the activation of concrete development processes and to ensure its durability.
This is what GTV means with the words “community cooperation”. Words that, however, gain greater meaning when the Vietnamese community is accompanied by a job at the Trentino community, which is GTV headquarter.
GTV operates in Trentino to spread a global citizenship: this means encouraging reflections on the meaning of the matters dealt with in the international cooperation project (for example the issue of integrated rural development or the access to water), which are often not only linked to distant places, but have an impact or similarities also in “our” areas.
All this implies also a critical thinking on the meaning of “local” and “global” in contemporary society, and contributes to make people from Trentino, global citizens.

An Annual Report is produced every year to describe the impact and characteristics of the actions carried out in that year. Download reports and learn more about GTV's work.

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