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For companies

Enterprises are an important interlocutor for GTV, they are sensitive to issues of solidarity and social problems, able to engage and to support also non-profit activities and social purposes. The contribution of enterprises, can take place at various levels, and integrates the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. In other words, companies in addition to pursuing profit, deal effectively with the issues of social and ethical impact. The business contribution can thus donate, but also to include the establishment of a partnership and a real commitment to work in social and environmental fields.

The Cause Related Marketing is increasingly present in business relations. 
CRM is an ongoing collaboration between a company and a non-profit corporation to their mutual advantage: the first image gets good returns, while helping the latter to implement the project or to make a good fundraiser.
GTV offers companies the products made by artisan cooperatives initiated projects in Vietnam thanks to the creation of income-generating activities.
Is it possible to customize the items with your company logo, start collaborations to co-marketing and purchase packaged baskets business from us. You can also "adopt" part of our projects at the enterprise level.
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