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Responsible Travels to Vietnam

GTV promotes responsible travels in Vietnam, by adopting the basic principles of sustainable and responsible tourism, considering it as a development form.

Responsible and sustainable tourism, respects and protects the environment, that is, try not to damage nature with too invasive tourist infrastructures. Although to get to Vietnam, it will be necessary to fly, which implies a consequent great environmental impact, once in the Dragon Country, all overnight accommodation and inland transport options will take into account the environmental impact and will try to avoid too invasive tourist infrastructures.

It is a responsible tourism, that respects native populations, enhancing their culture.
Unlike mass tourism, responsible travellers have the chance to experience local culture, testing themselves and getting closer to the lifestyle of the area. By experiencing a different way to live, travellers can better understand traditional habits and customs, and live a more authentic experience.

Responsible and sustainable tourism supports development cooperation initiatives.
Part of the cost of the trip is destined to development cooperation projects as solidarity contribution, carried out by GTV or GTV’s partners.

Vietnam is one of Asia’s new touristic destination.
This millennial and ancient country is rich in history, nature and culture. These unspoiled landscapes, made of green rice fields and rolling hills, the capital Hanoi with its vaguely colonial air, the rugged coastline of the countless islands of Ha Long bay, everything you visit in Vietnam is particularly charming.
Moreover, the warm hospitality of local people, typical of Asian countries, makes the journey comfortable, making the travellers feel comfortable in this far land.
GTV’s touristic proposals, which follow the just outlined criteria, makes the journey to Vietnam with GTV, an authentic encounter and knowledge experience of the Dragon Country.

GTV has a twenty years’ experience in Vietnam. The community cooperation approach has allowed people to really encounter local realities and places unspoiled by mass tourism. The community and more authentic dimension are what makes GTV’s responsible and sustainable tourism proposals, special.
Besides visiting the must places in the Country, it will be possible to know the communities in which the commitment of international development cooperation projects, has brought concrete advantages to the local population.
Spending half a day visiting the village where an aqueduct or a school have been built, and getting to know those directly interested, is what makes a GTV trip to Vietnam special: its authentic and community dimension.

There are several different ways to visit the Country.
With an organized tour, or travelling in autonomy, but having already prepared everything before departure.

GTV promotes 2 different types of travel to Vietnam: organized tours and independent travel.

Organized tour includes not only the detailed organizations of the trip, which generally lasts 2 weeks, but also an Italian guide that operates as a cultural mediator.
We leave from one of the main airports of northern Italy to reach Vietnam and to dedicate ourselves to the experience without worries.
GTV will be responsible for internal transport in the country, and for accommodation, where international standard and local guides will always be ensured.

The trip to Vietnam travelling in autonomy includes a consultation with GTV to organize the itinerary and some advices on how to move and where.
There will also be direct contact with GTV’s partners and the chance to visit the villages where GTV has carried out international cooperation projects.

Vietnam Tour

Every year GTV offers “Vietnam tour” which are characterized by the fact that are led by a GTV guide, which operates as a cultural mediator and allows to get in touch with the real Vietnam, and to get to know it from a more authentic perspective.

Visit the projects in Vietnam

GTV wants to open a window on rural Vietnam, far from overcrowded beaches and rich in unique landscapes, taking the opportunity to transparently show the places where the majority of the projects of the last few years have taken place

Find out what the protagonists say about GTV Responsible Travels:


I left believing that the Vietnam War had left the population a sense of closure with regard to the western people, especially the Americans, but instead, what really surprised me was the attitude of Vietnamese people, who turned out to be one of the most welcoming population.
I didn’t expect to find such a cultured and civilized population, such a breath-taking landscape, the charm of traditions and the modernity that characterizes cities ready to project themselves into the future.


Is it possible that a tourist trip can become not only a leisure opportunity and cultural enrichment, but also an opportunity for personal growth about the issues of international solidarity and, more in general, about global citizenship? Yes.
And the recent trip to Vietnam promoted by GTV in which I participated together with about 20 other people proved it.


Hanoi’s motorbikes, deployed as impatient horses before the start of the race, and the slow pace of the buffalos. And again, the peace of Buddhist temples, and the nightlife in the capital, ethnic and city markets, with all western brands. Vietnam is a country of contrasts but is also a Country where traditions are still deeply rooted and the discrepancy between the city life and countryside is more and more emphasized. These are the first feelings that can be found, even if to get to know the country, it is simply not enough to take a tour in the most famous cities or attractions, but it is necessary to come into contact with the other side, the one of countryside and the hard work in the rice fields cultivated in terraces, with the aid of primitive machines, but especially strong and patient buffalos.
This was possible thanks to the trip organized by GTV.

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