Water for all

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Water for all


An aqueduct for families in a remote village in northern Vietnam. You can support the project too!



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Clean water and hygiene





Ha Giang Province extends into a remote and mountainous area of Vietnam, on the border with China. Its inhabitants, belonging to different ethnic minorities, often live isolated and in underdeveloped conditions. The landscape is scattered with small villages where life is simple and marked by the rhythms of agriculture and breeding. Every day is faced with difficulty, because of the shape of the territory. In particular, the district of Xin Man, where GTV was called to intervene, is included in the list of the 62 poorest districts in the country. Currently, the population of Chung Chai village in Xin Man district does not have access to water for domestic use and agriculture. The village, like many others, is not connected to an aqueduct therefore, the water collection takes place through different methods. During most part of the year the population travels long distances on foot or on mopeds to travel to the village of Sung Sang with 50-litre canisters several times a day to fill large tanks from which the family draws for about 2 weeks. During the rainy season, however, rainwater flows from the roofs of houses. Both methods are precarious as the roofs are made of asbestos, which represents a serious health risk, and the tanks where the water is collected are not well covered so the water can be easily contaminated. Click here to learn more about the context! 



GTV's intervention in the district of Xin Man will address the problem of water access for Chung Chai's families but not only that. The intervention is also aimed at raising awareness and training on good hygiene practices. Specifically

  • CONSTRUCTION OF THE AQUEDUCT: The Aqueduct of Sung Sang will be renovated in order to adapt it to the health standards and will be expanded to reach the village of Chung Chai 
  • ANALYSIS OF THE WATER: Once the construction is completed, chemical tests will be carried out to verify the water quality and filtering system. 
  • CONSTITUTION AND FORMATION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: A 5-person Committee will be formed to maintain the aqueduct.
  • FORMATION OF TRAINERS ON HYGIENIC PRACTICES: A group of people will be trained to implement the information campaign. The topics that will be covered include, among others, the correct behavior to avoid waste and pollution, the proper domestic use of water, the daily hygiene practices.
  • ADULT HYGIENE AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS: After the training course, trainers will organize awareness-raising events. The events will be public meetings to convey to the population the sense of the importance of hygiene and the application of good practices.
  • SCHOOL HYGIENE CAMPAIGNS: Good hygiene practices will also be introduced within 2 schools also through playful material.

Repercussions :

Starting from the experience gained in this project, GTV wants to introduce materials and organize events aimed at raising awareness on the issue of water supply, a particularly complex issue in many areas of the planet, in light of important contemporary climate changes. The aim is to offer points of reflection to the Trentino community on the interconnections in the global world and in particular on the Sustainable Development Goal number 6 - Clean Water and Hygiene, and the impact of climate change as one of the main responsible for water crises in the world. A school course will be carried out in two schools in Trentino. In addition, various materials such as dossiers, brochures, life stories and photographic material on clean water in Vietnam will be produced to be presented on the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March 2019. The material will also be published online. The partners with which we want to implement this path are Viracao & Jangada, the Institute San Michele All’ Adige, the Institute Buonarroti, Pozzo and Angeli Idraulica. 

84 FAMILY and a SCHOOL will have direct access to water (a total of 570 people)

More than 800 people reached by AWARENESS CAMPAIGN on the correct hygiene practices

In TRENTINO: Information articles and meetings in 2 schools on the issue of the right to water



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