A school for the children of Na Hu

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A school for the children of Na Hu

Jul 07 2020

For more than 20 years GTV has been running a Child Sponsorship Programme through which allow children from economically poor families to attend school and to have a more complete diet, thanks to the economic contribution of many Italian families. In addition, the funds of this programme are used to improve the school facilities, which are often in very precarious conditions, are lacking in toilets and do not guarantee the full safety of children.

With this goal, GTV in 2020 decided to support the renovation and expansion of three schools in the province of Ha Giang.

One of these was the Na Hu school, in the municipality of Ta Nhiu, located in the mountains of Ha Giang province. This structure, already very precarious, was severely damaged during a violent storm in April 2020, which uncovered the roof of the structure. The school was therefore unusable, and the students were unable to attend it.

Despite the slowdowns due to weather and the health crisis, construction has moved on during these months and improvements are evident. The institute has been completely renovated and secured, with new fixtures, a new roof and a new flooring. The classes are now accessible and renovated. 

Thanks to these results, the 40 students of Na Hu's school and their teachers were recently able to return to school and start their schooling again.

Among the students at the school. three children are supported by GTV's Child Sponsorship Programme, including Trang (pictured), who finally had the chance to return to class with her classmates. Trang is eight years old, living with her mother and grandparents in a wooden and bamboo house, 20 minutes away from the school. Thanks to the support of an Italian family, Trang and his relatives are annually supplied with rice, school materials and a medical check-up to support his growth and ensure that she can continue her schooling.

GTV is very pleased with the result of Na Hu's school, that helped many young students return to school by giving them the opportunity to receive an education and think about their own future. We would also like to thank those who have so far supported these improvements through the Child Sponsorship Programme. Work will continue in other schools, and further developments and updates will always be communicated on our website. In the meantime, to learn more about , visit our Child Sponsorship Programme dedicated web page.

Na Hu's school before GTV's interventions

The exterior of Na Hu's school before

A class of Na Hu before the interventions

The school before the renovation

Work in progress

The start of the refurbishment

Roof repair

During the work to secure the structure

Na Hu's school after GTV interventions

The exterior of Na Hu's renovated school

A pupil in class in Na Hu

A teacher and a pupil returned to class

The completed structure

The final refurbishment

The new roof of Na Hu's school

Some Na Hu pupils in the new class

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