Indipendent travels to Vietnam

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Indipendent travels to Vietnam

  For those who want to independently organize the period of their travel and already have their own group of travel companions (min 3 - max 6) but want to discover the real Vietnam thanks to a local guide and a tour already designed.
  12 days, departure at any time of the year. Note: The tour is promoted by GTV and sold by our local trusted Magnolia Travel agency.

"Flexitour" is GTV's proposal for agile travel developed together with the Magnolia Travel agency. These tours take into account the needs, times of travelers and their ideal of travel, they also want to put at ease the traveler who does not like large numbers and seeks a closer contact with the territory he explores and the population he meets.

With Flexitours, the traveler can choose with his fellow adventurers (minimum 3, maximum 6 people) the date of departure, independently purchasing the flight and travel insurance according to their needs.
Once in Vietnam, he will be accompanied on the previously chosen itinerary, also enjoying the presence of a local guide who will provide all the necessary information making the travel experience more complete and the precious participation of the local GTV staff for the visit to the projects.

We offer 2 possible tours, in order to reconcile and satisfy any type of need or desire, with a certain level of flexibility to accommodate any specific needs.

The first, ideal for dynamic, sporty and adventure-ready groups, includes a trip dedicated to trekking and adventure, to explore and discover the mountains of the extreme north of Vietnam (the province of Ha Giang), less conventional, often sleeping in homestays, but not neglecting Hanoi and the enchanting Ha Long Bay.


Flexitour A - A dynamic travel to Vietnam between trekking and adventure

The second is more suitable for a cultural and historical knowledge of the country of the Dragon, visiting the capital and both the sea and land Ha Long. There are two possible alternatives: to sail the waters of Ha Long Bay with a cruise ship and stay overnight on board, or to savor the scents and colors of these magical places more intensely by adding an additional night on the ship, for a total three day cruise. The package will be completed by a visit to the Son Dong district, where GTV has been working for many years, and the constant presence throughout the stay of a trained local guide who will enrich the experience.

FlexiTour B - A night on the water of Ha Long Bay

If you are interested in undertaking one of these trips, it will be sufficient to contact us at least one month in advance, to allow us to organize together Magnolia Travel your experience to the fullest.

visit projects in vietnam

GTV wants to open a window on rural Vietnam, far from crowded beaches and full of unique landscapes, taking the opportunity to show transparently the places where most of the projects of recent years have taken place.

Visiting GTV projects in Vietnam is highly recommended, but not essential. As a GTV we are also available to recommend a personalized itinerary based on your travel style, as well as the season in which you will travel. Being constantly in contact with the Land of the Dragon, we know the latest news, the destinations that are improving day by day and we will be able to advise you in the best possible way.
Several people have already put their trust in our hands and in the expert hands of Viaggi Giovani, our partner in Italy and Magnolia Viaggi, our partner in Vietnam. You too, if you want, can refer to us!

Discover some ideas, expectations and curiosities of a recent self-employed traveler:


“What do I expect from this trip? I expect to find a lot of diversity and beauty, with all its facets. The kitchen particularly intrigues me. I can't wait to eat something typical. Landscapes and society also intrigue me a lot. I have no great fears. I'm trying to learn some basic phrases in Vietnamese, but I don't think the language will be a big obstacle: I have faith in the universal language of gestures! It's bad that it goes ... I can draw a drawing! "

more information

 For more information on Vietnam tours and self-guided travel, you can write to or call 0461/917395. By subscribing to the GTV newsletter, you can stay up to date on solidarity travel proposals in Vietnam.

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