Safe Schools

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Safe Schools


Masonry kindergartens and training on proper hygiene practices for children and teachers in two remote villages in northern Vietnam.



40.000 €


1 Year


High quality instruction






T he province of Ha Giang is among the poorest in Vietnam. Its territory, consisting of rocky mountains and forests downstream, makes the area difficult to reach and cultivate. Access to water is scarce and binds agricultural production to seasonal rains.

The region has a population of 800,000 people, 90% of whom belong to ethnic minorities, in particular H'Mong, Tay, Dao, Nung, Giay, La Chi and Hoa. Each of these speaks different dialects while the Vietnamese language, indispensable for communicating with government offices, is taught only at school.

One of Ha Giang's main problems is the difficult access to basic services, both because the area is rough, and because to do so, you need to know the Vietnamese language. As a result, school is the first tool for the development of the region.
In a context of language minorities, kindergarten represents the first contact with the Vietnamese language; only children with good language skills are able to start primary school successfully. Those who do not attend consistently, risk to accumulate deficits that will be difficult to fill.

The collaboration with the local authorities brought to the attention of GTV, the situation of two kindergartens located in the villages of Coc Chiu and Dong Chu, in the municipality of Ngan Chien. They are located inside wooden barracks and are devoid of toilets. The precarious structures and the lack of adequate equipment mean that teachers are not able to do their job adequately, and that it is more expensive for children to follow a serene and productive school path. These conditions affect language learning and, as a result, the continuation of children's studies. A safe school that provides quality education requires a stable structure and good hygiene conditions.



This project develops on two levels: the first is infrastructure, the second is training.

The first objective, in accordance with the People's Committee, is to rebuild the kindergartens by replacing them with masonry buildings, with a sheet metal roof. The new structures will be made of brick and will consist of two rooms, one used as a classroom for school activities, and the other one as a rest room for younger children. Toilets, equipped with a sink, will be built outside the school to ensure children a hygienic place for the children that go to the toilet. The kindergartens will also be provided with swing and slide, so that children can develop their person also playing safely. The project also includes the purchase of new furniture, educational games and books for daily lessons.

Once the infrastructure part is completed, the project will provide training courses on correct hygiene practices for schoolteachers and their colleagues working in other schools in the municipality. The presence of toilets and sinks will give children for the first time the opportunity to put these notions into practice directly at school.

Involved Actors

Ngan Chien People's Committee (Xi Manh district, Ha Giang province)

Funding bodies:

Sede di Trento

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    38122 Trento, Italia

Sede di Hanoi

  • N. 20, Alley 34/1, Au Co Street
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