Sanitary Facilities for the school of Chung Trai

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Sanitary Facilities for the school of Chung Trai

Jul 21 2020

In the last few months, GTV has been supporting the education of children in Ha Giang Province in northern Vietnam, through the renovation and by securing several school facilities. All this is possible thanks to the Child Sponsorship Programme, which, thanks to the economic contribution of many Italian families, has been supporting the education of the poorest children for more than twenty years, also allowing the improvement of the schools themselves.

Not long ago, in fact, the school of Na Hu, destroyed by a thunderstorm, was completely renovated and toilets were added. Thanks to all this progress, Na Hu's 40 students, including 2 supported by the Child Sponsorship Programme, and their teachers were able to return to school.

Meanwhile, work continued for Chung Trai's kindergarten and primary school in the municipality of Coc Pai, attended by about 90 pupils, 2 of whom were supported by the Child Sponsorship Programme. The structure was until a few weeks ago without a bathroom, with serious risks to the hygiene and health of small students. Now the toilets are working, with sinks and hand-washing taps and two separate toilets. Running water arrives at the school thanks to the aqueduct built through the "Water for All" programme, and it is stored in a tank. In the same school, GTV in 2019 had already built a kitchen room.

Present at the opening ceremony: the Xin Man District Department of Education representative, the school principal and teachers, the builder, the GTV Vietnam coordinator Vo Thi Nguyet Que and GTV employee Nung Don.

The coordinator of GTV in Vietnam and the headmistress of Chung Trai's school

The lack of sanitary facilities is unfortunately a widespread reality in this isolated region of Vietnam: in addition to the lack of school bathrooms, many families don’t have sanitary facilities in their homes. Diseases, disorders and infections are therefore very frequent, given also the lack of clean water in different areas.
For this reason, GTV, thanks to the many supporters and the partnership with the local authorities, is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 6, by ironing out inequality in access to water and raising awareness of hygiene issues to the local population.

At the same time, we are excited to communicate the results achieved thanks to the trust and generosity of the many supporters, who will improve the conditions of many children. New developments and progresses will still be communicated on our website and social channels, with photos and testimonials from Vietnam.

Chung Trai's school and kindergarten before GTV's interventions

The location where the bathroom was built

The entrance to the school with the courtyard

The kitchen built by GTV in 2019

Work in progress

The final results

Baby-height washers

Two separate toilets

High sink with running water

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